How secure is your website

We offer comprehensive testing services, encompassing both lightweight vulnerability testing and in-depth penetration testing. Our experts specialize in translating technical risks into business-oriented terms, ensuring effective communication with the relevant business units.

If you have concerns related to physical security, our capabilities extend to red teaming, where we leverage physical access and social engineering skills to assess and breach your security measures. When combined with penetration testing, this approach provides a holistic overview of your security posture.


Recover from a hacked website

From restoring backups or purging malware, our team will help you with a recovery plan. Restoring known-good backups is typically the safest way to recover from a hacking incident.

However, we realize this may not always be possible. In these cases we work with you to assure the best security outcomes with the resources at your disposal. success. company in ways no other social media channels would.

AD-HOC Services Relating To Security

Tectology Offers The Following Services On An AD-HOC Basis Only. Please Contact Us For More Details.

Physical Access

Physical penetration testing determines the vulnerabilities present in your organization’s physical security controls.

Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks are manipulative tactics used to deceive or manipulate people into divulging confidential information

Info Gathering

Information gathering is used  to identify vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening security measures and protecting systems.

Remote Access

Remote access refers to the unauthorized act of gaining access to a computer, network, or system from a remote location


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