1. Credit Application via Mobicred

  • By completing, signing and submitting an application via the link of Mobicred, you:
    • are applying to them for a credit facility. This agreement, read together with Mobicrred self-service portal terms and website terms of use, where applicable, contains the terms and conditions upon which we are willing to provide such a credit facility to you; and
    • confirm that you have read and understand there terms and conditions, the meaning and consequences of the agreement; and
    • confirm that you are the person whose details you have given to Mobicred as the applicant in the application form.

If you apply for Credit facility to pay off your Website Design in installments. Please refer to their terms and conditions regarding the credit application. 

Mobicred Terms & Conditions


2. Payfast Payment Option


Payment Method

Integrate and accept payments with our payment gateway for credit cards, Instant EFT, Mobicred (see section above) for credit application. 

No Credit Application – Pay via Debit Order.

Our payment request feature allows you to receive an email containing a clickable link for you to pay for our products rendered. Accept payments instantly and hassle-free via one of our Trusted payment provider via monthly D/O.

Please contact us to enquire regarding this option payment@tectology.co.za