IT Support is traditionally delivered in a reactive way. When something breaks or go wrong, you pick up the phone and request an engineer to assist you over the phone, or to be dispatch to your offices.

Managed IT Services’ are a different way of approaching IT support.  The actual mechanisms vary depending on the customers needs but there is always a fixed-fee approach.  This means that when there are problems to fix the IT Support company actually loses money.  A perfect Managed Service customer, is a customer with zero problems needing zero support.  Now the customer and the IT Support company are on the same side.  Therefore there is a huge emphasis on proactive support.


Software, Hardware, Networks and Repairs.


Our services include:

  • Network Setup
  • Network Security
  • Database Management
  • Software Support
  • Data Storage
  • VoIP Service
  • Computer Repair

Depending on circumstances, Tectology may enter into an On-Demand contract.