Clear objectives and defined requirements are the difference between success and failure when managing projects/contracts. We focus on clearly defining our client requirements and defining project deliverables extensively. We want to help you achieve ultimate success.

Our core offering focuses on imperative issues and opportunities of managing projects. We believe that in doing so we can adequately capture best practices and reflect the changing industry specific standards which in turn will assist you in clearly meeting your project objectives

At Tectology we go a long way in helping to resolve project challenges. Such challenges include obstacles within your project culture, processes and skill allocation. Our aim is to launch your project on a firm foundation and move your business forward.

  • Project Execution Planning & Process Management
  • Design Management
  • Scenario Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Resource Management
  • Project Team Co-ordination Communication and Information Management
  • Health and Safety Processes
  • Quality Control & Control Management
  • Project Close-out & Handover
  • Contract Administration
  • Resource planning and management
  • Stakeholder engagement


The right tools for the job depending on project type


Project Management services for the small to medium business sector. We are mindful of the fact that everything is a project, whether small administrative tasks or large scale projects, by this standard project failure is really not an option for your business. Projects are the avenue by which companies develop and grow. Whether to implement new services, upgrade existing structures, improvement of customer experience, manage company growth and expansion, it is clear that results matter and that a projects success clearly impacts on a company’s goals.